Exciting times!!! I wanted to create relationships, working connections with creative talents and I’m getting it. Left right and centre, above, under and all around. Yay!

Accountability can come in many forms and shapes and at the moment it is raining with opportunities here. Some I’ve known for a while, some are new, but they are all equally exciting.

I’ve joined an on-line art course, created and lead by Amelia Critchlow. It pushes the boundaries and me out of my comfort zone. One of the best things I’ve ever done as it somehow ends up linking with everything else I’m up to at the moment. An incredible amount of work is coming from it, even with the limited time I’ve had lately.
The creative well is flowing, with abundance – shining and smiling, bouncing right back.

The best thing though, is to share the journey with other people.

Oh, and the Summer 2011 experimental art e-course starts on Monday 27th June 2011 for 6 weeks. So join the crusade of creatives.

Make art, not war – happiness to be found somewhere between idea and a messy kitchen table.


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